About Us

We have been blessed to be raising Whitetail Deer since 2003 and it has quickly become a passion for us.  This has been an adventure that our entire family has become a part of, and we couldn't do it without them.  Because we take pride in what we do and love the animals that we are raising, we strive to provide only the best of everything for them.  In fact, we are so proud of our animals and what we do, that we want to share it with you and your family. 

Our farm is situated on 100 acres, with about 75 acres under fence.  We have over 200 whitetail deer, a small herd of Tibetan yaks, and a few reindeer, along with goats and cows.  And NEW FOR 2013 is our herd of over 20 Elk and a couple of adorable miniature Donkeys.  Come on down and check out what we do.  You might even decide to start your own little piece of heaven on earth!

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